We are now proud to offer darning repair service for ripped and torn garments. Simple holes such as knee rips, hem tears, and crotch blow outs are easily repaired. Our vintage Singer darning machine fills in the areas where denim has worn thin or completely worn out. There are no patches involved in this process which makes not only makes the repair more durable but more comfortable. We have different color threads including indigo rope dyed thread to match as closely as possible to worn in denim. 

  • Send in photos of damage in order to receive an estimate.
  • All garments must be washed before sending in for repairs or will be shipped back at customer's expense
  • Pricing starts at $25 plus return shipping for Left Field garments with a $10 surcharge for any other brands
  • We also offer chain stitch hemming of other brands pants for a fee of $20 plus return shipping


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