Brown Horsehide Belt - Left Field NYC
Brown Horsehide Belt - Left Field NYC
Brown Horsehide Belt - Left Field NYC

Brown Horsehide Belt

The making of our belts:

Strips are cut by hand to width and length, and edges are rounded. Logo is embossed and slots and holes are punched by hand. Dye is applied by hand in multiple coats. Excess dye is buffed off with shearling. Belts are given two coats of oil to help them remain supple. They are then finished with a bee’s wax based finish, that, after drying, is buffed to a high gloss. Edges are treated with a blend of bee’s wax, which is burnished into the leather to make it more durable. Rivets are set by hand using a hammer and anvil.

All work is done using hand tools. Some of the tool designs have remained unchanged since the 1800s. The leather for the belts is vegetable tanned horse strips. It's a byproduct of the horse meat industry (most of the meat is exported out of the US). The leather is produced by one of the few remaining USA tanneries. 

Horsehide has a different character than standard steerhide, in that it is naturally water resistant, has a tighter grain and is more durable.
The belts include +2 inches for comfort. ie: size 31 is actually 33 from the end of the buckle to the middle hole. Please measure a belt that you wear from the end of buckle to the middle hole for size.  


    • 1.5" width
    • Genuine horsehide 
    • Embossed skull logo
    • Burnished edges
    • Interchangeable Brass buckle - Easy unscrew able buckle change.