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25th Anniversary Genuine Vintage Leather Baseball Wallets

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I've always loved the feel and patina of an old worn in baseball glove as a kid even though I sucked at playing baseball. When I saw Mack Provision doing wallets made out of old vintage baseball gloves I thought this would be a perfect colab for our 25th Anniversery Collection which we will be dropping thru out the year. Our first label was a baseball diamond that was a two color letter press cotton label made in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium. The first color navy was put on spool of twill tape by repeatedly striking the cotton twill tape as it spun through the roll. The tough part was rerunning the red Left Field part since it had to be rerun and lined up perfectly under the blue baseball diamond. Many times it wold strike too high over the blue diamond or too low but that was the beauty of the process. Shown below is a photo of the first catalog I made on the copy machine at the Brooklyn library with the label on it and the brand name inspiration written by hand. (didn't have a computer or photoshop)

We included a reproduction stamp of the original label inside each wallet and did 25 wallets for the 25 year Anniversary. Each glove is hand picked by KC and has to hand unstitch the glove and diecut each piece of wallet and restitch back together. He chooses interesting parts of the glove, many with original baseball glove writing to bring out it's character in full. Each wallet comes with a polaroid picture of the original wallet he cut the leather from and each one is stamped with our special 25 Anniversary, original Left Field baseball logo and KC Mack logo. This is limited edition collection, each wallet is different and will not be remade so get them while they last!  A true piece of Americana and Left Field history! 

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