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Greaser--Classic fit, similar to a 501. Relaxed thigh, with slight taper from the knee down. Able to fit work and cowboy boots in this leg opening. Med high rise. 

Atlas For those who have muscular thighs and need more room  in the thigh than the Greaser. More tapered than the Greaser from the knee down. Not good for people with large calves. Accommodates work boots without a wide opening(ie Engineer Boots) doesn't fit Cowboy boots.  Med high rise. 

Chelsea- Named after the infamous NYC hotel, the Chelsea Jean has a slim-but-not-skinny rocker fit, with a narrow thigh and knee, and tapered leg opening. Med high rise. 

Work Uniform - Looser fit than the Greaser through out the leg, not as wide as the Smoke Stacks. Accommodates all work boots and cowboy boots. Med/high rise. 

Smoke Stacks - Our Widest fitting jean through out the leg, similar to a 40/50's cut. Accommodates cowboy boots and all work boots. If You have large thighs and large calves, this is your fit.  Med/high rise.                 

 Coal Miner - modeled after the Greaser fit with a relaxed thigh, and slight taper from the knee down. Accommodates Work and Cowboy boots. Med/high rise. 

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