Greaser Vidalia Mills 14 oz 37" inseam
Pre Order: Greaser Vidalia Mills 14 oz USA Denim Jean - Left Field NYC
Pre Order: Greaser Vidalia Mills 14 oz USA Denim Jean - Left Field NYC
14 oz denim
Left Field Tack buttons
Greaser Vidalia Mills 14 oz 37" inseam
Greaser Vidalia Mills 14 oz 37" inseam
Coin pocket
Button Fly
Bandana Pocketing
Left Field NYC
Button Fly

Greaser Vidalia Mills 14 oz 37" inseam

Vidalia Mills is the first new selvedge Denim Mill in the US, since Cone White Oak began over 100 years ago. Vidalia Mills is located in Vidalia, Louisiana and has taken over the old Fruit of the Loom Mill that had closed and left the town in an economic downfall for years. They are in Partnership with BASF Agriculture Services producing quality denim using e3, certified sustainable American cotton and can trace each roll of denim back to the American Farm it was grown on. The Denim is woven on Vidalia's Draper X3 selvedge denim loom, 45 of which were acquired from the Cone White Oak Plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. Vidalia is carrying on the Torch from Cone White Oak while doing so in a much more environmentally friendly way. We are proud to support and use Vidalia Denim in our Left Field Jeans. Please watch the Video's below to see the Antique Draper X3 looms in action and here the story and Philosophy of America's newest Selvedge Denim Mill, Vidalia Mills!

The Greaser Jean has a straight leg with a slight taper and a medium-high rise, similar to ‘50s-style dungarees.
Left Field jeans and chinos are not vanity sized. Please check the measurement table below before ordering.



*14 oz Vidalia Mills red line selvedge Raw denim
*27% indigo Warp
*Made with the original Cone White Oak Draper X3 looms
*100% E3 certified sustainable American grown cotton
*pick and shovel logo on inside rivets and tacks
*American made Universal copper and brass hardware
*Left Field Coal Miner bandana pocket bags
*Crafted with pride in the USA



We recommend to wear jeans for at least 30 times to set in creases and get the best fade results.  If jeans feel damp, it’s definitely time wash. When you are ready turn your jeans inside out and hand wash cold in your bathroom sink with a mild detergent. Agitate in the water and when it turns brown release water and repeat. Then rinse in cold water and squeeze out until all the soap bubbles have disappeared. Squeeze out excess water and hang drip dry on your shower caddy. Straighten legs so there will be less twist when dry. When they dry they will be crispy from the release of the starch in the fabric and will feel tight initially but will stretch out much quicker then when raw and become soft again in a day or two of wear.

We don’t recommend presoaking your jeans as all of our denims are sanforized.  The starch in raw denim creates rigid creases, which help to create higher contrast fading.  Please review the care label in your garment before washing.   



The best way to determine your Left Field size is to measure a pair of jeans or chinos you already own and that fit you well, and then compare those measurements with the ones listed below.  To see how we take our measurements, click here:   Measurement Guide 
** Please account for shrink after cold rinse hang dry, shrinking about 2 inches in the inseam**